How to Fight Cellulite?

How to Fight Cellulite? Unsightly, annoying, and even sometimes painful! We speak of cellulite, fat accumulation that irregular aspect that forms on the skin of the thighs and buttocks and affects mainly women, due to hormones. Therefore, it is important to note that you

Do You Sign The Running?

Do You Sign The Running? Physical activity brings many benefits to anyone who practices; however, we do not always want to get to it. Luckily, when a sport becomes fashionable is easier alive. That’s what happened to the running! Running in winter is essential

Energy Diet Tips

 Energy Diet Tips Traditional Chinese medicine attributed to certain foods energetic qualities that come to influence the mood and physical states, and forms the basis of dietary energy, science which studies the practical relationship between food, health and disease. Today we know some of

Beautiful Skin Long After Summer

Beautiful Skin Long After Summer Summer returned with good face and happiness of the holiday is reflected in our face, plus benefit they provide us sunbeams we have taken with caution, adding that even tone that improves our features, hides our imperfections and gives

Skin Care Night

So important is protecting your skin during the day and do it every night. At night is when we pay attention to our skin and spend a little of our time to keep it beautiful and healthy because when we sleep rests skin, regenerates